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KestrelCraft is a whitelist SMP started back in Minecraft version 1.12. Seven updates later, we have an experienced, well-rounded group of skilled builders, engineers, and politicians. Members contribute to the community in a variety of ways, from websites to livestreams to newsletters.

It has everything from sprawling metropolises…

A overhead view of a country on Kestrel Craft SMP
The Nation of Glacerheim (image credit Absolutely)

To the simplest of memes…

A memey situation playing out on Kestrel Craft SMP
Kestrel Showing his Support for the Monocle Party (image credit Absolutely)

To the craziest of mishaps…

” Your portal to New L’Manburg seems to be interfering with my Guardian farm” (Image Credit Kestrel)

Of course, all of this wouldn’t be possible without the server’s admin, Kestrel and the volunteer Player Council that acts as a sort of psuedo-govornment. That being said, Kestrel isn’t the only dedicated member of the community, here are some of the most active and prominent YouTube channels covering KestrelCraft.

KestrelCraft has a bustling spawn area with many countries being only a few blocks in size. However, the outer reaches are fairly undeveloped.

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Map of the server (Image credit Kestrel)

Minecraft redstone on the Kestrel Craft SMP Server in a cave
Kestrel’s First Season 3 Vid
Kestrel’s First Season 3 Vid

A quick, fun let’s play from Kestrel.

Absolutely’s First Season 3 Vid
Absolutely’s First Season 3 Vid

An intriguing first upload from Absolutely featuring the first footage of his secret base.


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